I'm God

    I'm God and I like it
    And people all over the world
    think they know what I think
    They think they're ruled by me
    But they interpret my words
    just the way it suits them

    And they all think that they're right
    Their religion makes them fight
    They shoot and stab and burn and kill
    And all declare that it's my will

    My son says I'm a sadist
    Because I like to see all those people
    make trouble about me
    They could live happily
    But lots of nice things are told
    to be forbidden by me

    I never forbade anything
    But still they say some things are sin to me
    I would forbid fighting
    But I have no power at all over the human race
    So if this world goes apart I'm not to blame


Every punk band has to have at least one stab at religion, even if their English isn't that good.