Erik bought a crap drum kit and got permission from his parents to use their garage for band rehearsals. Stan and Jasper got proper amps and speakers, and Jasper bought a bigger bass. To add to the noise, Emile (another friend and classmate with a nice black Ibanez guitar) joined the band.

As the garage was not soundproof in any way, not all the residents in the building were very happy with the rehearsals. Especially the ones in the flats right above and next to the garage complained, although apparently the bass was annoying people all the way up to the 9th floor... Fortunately, many of the residents thought the kids should be allowed their artistic endeavours, so it was decided that the band could use the garage, but only at certain hours, and not more than twice a week.

Another form of disturbance was caused when a guy called Raymond, who fiddled with electronics, gave Stan a home-built transmitter that allowed him to play his guitar cordless. For a receiver, an FM-radio was hooked up to the amplifier. It worked fine - on tests it proofed to work even at a distance of over 100 meters. Unfortunately, it turned out the transmitter actually had a range of several kilometers, transmitting at numerous bands along the FM-scale, allowing most of Amsterdam-Noord's inhabitants to receive Stan's guitar abuse while preventing them from listening to their usual crap.