Consensus was that the most important thing was to have fun, the second most important to make other people have fun. This band did not feel much need to convey political ideas in any way, unlike many other punk bands, so the lyrics (usually by Erik or Stan) were not very important to them. Although a few songs addressed political or religious issues (The Bomb, Government Planning, I'm God) most lyrics evolved from random bits that cropped up while the music was being written.

When they started gigging it became more and more obvious that the lyrics were of no importance. The equipment at punk gigs in those days was of such quality that the lyrics could never be heard over the racket of the band anyway. Handing out leaflets containing the lyrics, to solve this problem, resulted in a large part of the audience looking at a piece of paper instead of the band, which didn't enhance the overall atmosphere, so efforts to write any meaningful lyrics diminished.

This band didn't preach, it just kicked ass.

Exemplary for this attitude is the song "Handen Wassen".
Named after a tile Erik had been looking at every time he
used the toilet since he was a kid, the lyrics were:

        What do you know about service in the wash-wash,
        What do you know according to zeep ?

repeated over and over. "Zeep" is Dutch for soap.
There is no meaning to these lyrics at all.
It just sounded good, and everybody could join in
and shout "WASH-WASH ! !", no matter how drunk.

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