Although Stan was doing the "singing" by default, there was definitely need for a good vocalist. This turned out to be a bit of a problem. Initially, yet another friend and classmate, Rene, gave it a shot. Although he did perform at the first ever gig (an afternoon "coffee-concert" at the school they all attended), he soon decided this wasn't his job. Others followed: a guy called Mick (who can be heard on some tape recordings done in the garage) and a girl called Wendela (who features on the "Cassette 1" tape), but neither lasted very long, so by the time the band started gigging properly it was mainly Stan doing the vocals, with some additional shouting by Emile.

Mick did perform at one memorable gig that took place at Erik and Stan's old primary school.
The schoolmaster had heard about the band and had asked them to do a gig at his school as part of a music project they were doing, presenting a wide range of music to their 5-12 year old pupils. Being a very modern-thinking guy, he felt that a punk band should really be part of this. This resulted in an afternoon gig where the band shocked the living hell out of a group of some 300 kids, of which the youngest ones had been appropriately placed at the front. The question whether this experience was beneficial to their development remains unanswered.

Then Hans appeared. His unearthly voice surprised everybody in the band, as this kind of guttural hollering was never heard before. The word "grunting" did not exist yet. Although he was a bit more out of control than the rest of the band, they did some great gigs and also recorded their first and only EP with Hans on vocals. He was their only singer that was loud enough to be heard properly.