Mornington Crescent did numerous gigs, mainly in smaller towns around Holland. Their first "proper" gig was at Simplon, Groningen. Stan had recently bought a better guitar and had decided to smash the old one during the first song. After the first few chords he slammed the guitar into the stage. Amazingly the guitar remained in one piece, but all the lights and amps went dead. He had managed to cut the main power lead that ran across the stage... Fortunately this was quickly fixed, so the gig could continue as planned.

They only played in Amsterdam a few times, probably due to a lack of contact with the Amsterdam squat/punk scene "across the IJ". They played at Oktopus once, with Amsterdamned as support act.
As the legal sound limit for this club was set to 95 dB, it was closed down immediately after this event.

They did two gigs at the Paradiso (Amsterdam's top podium at that time), one in the bar upstairs and one on the main stage, supporting for G.B.H.

The gig in the Paradiso bar turned into a magnificent stage show, as Stan had split the tip of his left index finger with an Exacto knife the day before. He fixed it with cigarette papers and superglue, which did seem to work well until he started playing. There was blood everywhere. To make matters worse, the blood was clotting on his guitar, making it impossible to play, so Stan had to keep pouring beer over the neck for the rest of the gig to keep it lubricated (and down his neck to numb the pain).
Those who were there had a great night and permanent stains.

The "out-of-town" gigs were always met with great response from the audience, but after a while the hassle of going out in a hired van, lugging equipment and getting no sleep before sunrise for no more than a crate of strawberry beer became less and less appealing, especially to Erik, who was the only one with a driver's license...