First release in March 1982 was "Cassette 1".

Recorded at Oktopus' low-budget studio.

About 50 home-made copies were sold through record shops
and at gigs. Included in the package was Bamvled nr.2

     Tracks:      A:   Wals                                        B:   Break
                               Government's Planning                Anti-Pasti 
                               Healthfood                                    I (It's Me)
                               I'm So Happy                                 Filth
                               Deze Niet                                      Handen Wassen
                               The Bomb



Second release in May 1983 was this epic EP.

Featuring the rawest vocals ever heard before,
this has become a hardcore classic. Hard en snel.

Regarded as one of the best hardcore punk records
ever made, it is also a sought-after collector's item.

500 pieces were sold to shops and distributors.
(also see Band History: Recording And Distributing)

     Tracks:      A:   The End                 B:   Possession
                                In Bed                         Dying In The Street




Third and final "release" was the appearance of the
EP-track "Possession" on the flexi disc that came with
the last edition (nr. 14) of Chainsaw.

This magazine also featured an interview with
the band. You can see it here.


Several other records and tapes exist that contain one or more tracks by Mornington Crescent,
taken either from the cassette or the EP. These were all produced and sold without any permission from the band, but they don't really mind. Just don't do it again.
If you want to use tracks please contact the band.

New (re-) releases coming soon. If you are interested, click here.